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17 Jan

How Can I transfer my LIC policy one branch to another branch?

How Can I transfer my LIC policy one branch to another branch?

Yes,  Most the policy holder purchased the policies with different places and agents. No worries wherever you taken the policy the holder will able to transfer or change their branch.


Changing branch is very simple process. Find the process below.

1) Call to your LIC agent or advisor he/she will take care of the total process to you.


2) If the agent or advisor is not available no worries visit home branch or nearest branch they can help you


3) If you are unable to travel? You can drop an email to your home branch.


4) Only policy holder will able to do this process not others


What documents do I need to submit for branch change?

1) Id proof & Address proof both self attested


2) A request Letter signed by the policyholder


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