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12 Aug

How to get LIC Duplicate Bond Paper?

How to get LIC Policy Duplicate Bond?

Every policyholder will get a bond paper from LIC Of India. At the time of issuing the policy, keep it a safe place. It’s very important while policy gets matured, applying the loan and claim.

If you miss the policy original bond, do not worry you will get a duplicate policy from LIC Of India. Before you apply the duplicate bond check once or twice in your house, and also check with the LIC office because if you have taken a loan, the LIC office would collect your bond paper. If any other reason like fire, rain, others

How to get LIC policy Duplicate Bond


You should submit below documents for Duplicate LIC bond:

  • Policy Number (check and prefer with earlier policy premium receipts)
  • Photo ID Proof Of Policyholder
  • Address Proof
  • One Passport Size Photograph
  • A Loss Of Policy Questionnaire Form
  • Discharge Form (in case of a claim / ask your LIC agent, advisor or any LIC branch office)
  • Notary
  • Should Sign-On All Documents
  • Witnesses Signature


Submit all the above documents to branch your lic branch at the claim and settlement department.


You will get duplicate LIC bond paper within a few days to your address ( minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 30 days )

Note: Contact your LIC agent, LIC Advisor, or Your nearest LIC Branch they will guide and help you in this regard.


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