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06 Feb

What is passport verification process? What they will ask in passport verification?

What is passport verification process? What they will ask in Fresh passport verification?

Don’t scare, we will explain you the step by step process it may helpful for you.

1) Check your appoint date and time


2) Take print out the application form, payment receipt, support documents


3) Carry Original supported documents and two passport size photos


4) As per your appoint time the security will call you.


5) Show your appointment time message to security guard they allow to go process room


6) After enter the room you see the document verification counters ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )


7) Verification counter personal will ask your application, support documents and ask to you wait some time ( it will take 15-20 minutes)


8) After verification your application they will assign one token number ( eg: N 273, N106 ). You will get SMS to your registered mobile number.


9) Now your process will start with Counter A, Counter B and Counter C. These are all primary stages of your application.


Note:- each counter having 5-10 sub counters. As per your token number they will call you and also you can able to watch LED Screen In-front of Counter A, B, C.


Counter A:- This is the first stage of verification here they will ask few questions which are in application. They will show your application on computer screen and ask to you check all details are true or not.

After your conformation they below steps they will do

a) Take your picture
b) Take your ten finger prints (bio-metric)
c) Your Signatures on the application then they will pass to next step.


Counter B:- Same here, as per your given token number they will call you. Re-check your all documents and ask few questions like birth place, full name, mother name etc. Then they will forward to next step


Counter C:- This is the final step of your application either approved or declined. Do not worry about it. If your application and documents are perfect process is very smooth. The total process will take Up to 4 hours.

In this counter also they re-verify all information, your supported documents (originals). Then they will ask to move and also you know your application status too. And they send to your local police station for physical verification.

About police verification you will get SMS and email.

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