Dhan Sanchay Policy

Dhan Sanchay Policy Details – LICbharosa

The LIC Dhan Sanchay policy is a non-linked, individual, savings, life insurance policy, which offers a combination of savings and protection.


LIC Dhan Sanchay benefit options:

Option A: Level Income Benefit

Option B: Increasing Income Benefit

Single premium payment:

Option C:

Single Premium Level Income Benefit

Option D:

Single Premium enhanced cover with Level Income Benefit The benefit option once chosen at inception cannot be altered.

Minimum Entry Age: 3 years (completed)


Maximum Entry Age : Option A & Option B : 50 Years (nearer birthday)

Option C: 65 Years (nearer birthday)
Option D: 40 Years (nearer birthday)


Maximum Maturity Age: Option A & Option B :65 Years (nearer birthday)

Option C: 80 Years (nearer birthday)
Option D: 55 Years (nearer birthday)

Policy Term:

Option A & Option B :10 & 15 years
Option C & Option D : 5, 10 & 15 years

Premium Paying Term:
(For Regular/ Limited
5 & 10 years for 10 Year Policy Term.
5, 10 & 15 years for 15 Year Policy Term.

Payout Period:

Option A & Option B : Equal to Premium
Paying Term
Option C & Option D : Equal to Policy Term

Minimum Annualized /

Single Premium*
Option A & Option B :`30,000
Option C & Option D : `2,00,000

Maximum Premium** No limit

x. On Risk (Death)
Option A & Option B :`3,30,000
Option C: `2,50,000
Option D: `22,00,000