Bima Shree Policy 948

Bima Shree 948 Plan – LIC Bima Shree 948 Policy Details 

Bima Shree policy 948 is a non-linked, with profits, limited premium payment money back life insurance plan with minimum basic sum assured of RS 10 LAKH especially designed for targeted segment of High Net-Worth Individuals.


Premium Payment Mode

Monthly (ECS), Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly

Duration / Term / PPT

14-10 Years

16-12 Years

18-14 Years

20-16 Years

Minimum Entry Age

8 Years Completed

Maximum Entry Age

45 Years (Nearer Birthday) for Term 20

48 Years (Nearer Birthday) for Term 18

51 Years (Nearer Birthday) for Term 16

55 Years (Nearer Birthday) for Term 14

Maximum Maturity Age

65 Years (Nearer Birthday) for term 20

66 Years (Nearer Birthday) for term 18

67 Years (Nearer Birthday) for term 16

69 Years (Nearer Birthday) for term 14

Minimum Sum Assured

Rs 10 LAKHS (Multiple of One Lakhs thereafter)

Maximum Sum Assured

No Limit (Depending upon your Income)

Guaranteed Addtion:

Rs 50/- per 1000 SA for 1st 5 years

Rs 55/- per 1000 SA for remaining PPT


On Risk

Risk during 5 Years – Sum Assured on Risk + GA

Risk After 5 Years – Sum Assured on Risk + GA + LA

Sum Assured on Risk – 125% of BSA


7 Times AP


105% of premiums paid

Survival Benefits:

For 14 Years policy 30% of BSA in 10th and 12th Year

For 16 Years policy 35% in 12th and 14th Year

For 18 Years policy 40% in 14th and 16th Year

For 20 Years policy 45% in 16th and 18th Year

New Critical Illness Benefit Rider Available

Premium Waiver Benefit Rider Available

Surrendered Value

The policy can be surrendered at any time during the policy term provided premiums have been paid for Full Two Years


Available after payment of premium of Two Full Years.